Windows Deployment:

Management of Windows PE / Lite Touch


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How to boot Lite Touch ?

The deployment of Windows start by booting your PC with Windows PE / Lite Touch wizzard. That page explain how to manage it.

Settings :

After importing Windows PE drivers, you must generate a new WIM file.

Let's see how to manage the settings for the LiteTouche WIM file.

Parameters for it are defined in the Properties of the Deployment Share :

Deployment share properties

In the general tab  you can choose the supported Platform you need :

Note that you can only deploy x86 Windows with x86 version of Lite Touch and x64 Windows with x64 version of Lite Touch from MDT 2010 (this will not be anymore the case with MDT 2012).

Windows PE settings

Then on the following tabs you can define the Windows PE settings. (the folowwing exemple is for x64, but x86 settings are the same).


In the components tab you choose the selection profile  which contain the Drivers :

import drivers into lite touch

When it’s done, you can update your Deployment share :

Update deployment share

MDT will look at all the settings which have been changed and “recompile” Windows PE, LiteTouch environnement and generate new WIMs :

update deployment share

You now have to import the new WIM in WDS in order to boot over the network. Look here : Installation of  WDS

  • How to boot with Windows PE ?

Start your computer using the Network card (often the menu for selectiong the boot device is F12 at startup).

THen select the Lite Touch in the WDS menu. - Sommaire Windows Serveur - Sommaire Windows Vista : sommaire