Windows Deployment:

Integration of components in MDT


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Import Operating System

Import Language pack

Importation of Windows PE drivers

Import Windows 7 device drivers

Now you need to import wim files for the OS you want to deploy :

Right clic on theOperating Systems folder and choose Import Operating System :

MDT import OS

Select to import a full set of source file

OS Import


Enter the path to a DVD of Windows 7 (or a mounted ISO) :

OS Import

Give a name for the directory.

OS import

Confirm the import :

OS Import

The WIM file is imported :

OS Import

then it's complete :

OS Import

NB : Some WIM can contain different versions of Windows, then they will all appears in the list.

If you need to deploy different languages, then you have to import the Windows languages packs.

Important : If you intend to deploy Windows 7SP1, you have to take the Windows 7 SP1 languages packs.

Right click on the Package folder and select Import OS Packages :

Import Languages

Select the Package directory (if it’s and ISO mount it before) :

Language import

And then import it.

If you want the languages packs to appear in your wizard, then add the GUID of the Language pack into customsettings.ini. The GUID can be retrieved in properties of the pack.

Here is an exemple of customsettings.ini :









For editing customsettings.ini, right clic on the deployment share and choose Properties.

Known bug and solution for languages packs with Windows 7 SP 1 :

There is a problem with MDT 2010 and Language packs : this issue occurs due to a change in the way language packs are named in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.

Within Windows 7 : Lang Packs were named :


With Windows 7 SP 1 :



So MDT don’t recognize the new ones.

Then you must edit the following files:


C:\Program files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Distribution\Scripts\DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs

See above page :

If you want to be able to boot from any device with the Lite Touch Wizzard (Windows PE) you maybe have to import some network or disk controlers drivers.

For example Dell provide a package who contain all their devices drivers, so you can import all of them at once, the actual link is here :

Let's start the importation :

Create a folder Windows in Out of Box Drivers :

Import Win PE drivers

Then import the drivers into that folder :

Import Win PE drivers

And follow the wizard.

Import Win PE drivers

Win PE wizzard

In order to import drivers, you have to create a Selection Profile (Dell Win PE x64 for the exemple) :

Right clic on the Advanced Configuration / Selection Profile forlder, then create the selection linked with the Folder containing drivers :

Win PE drivers

It's now time to Refresh the deployment share, see Management of Windows PE / Lite Touch

Import of Windows 7 devices drivers

It’s now time to work on your deployment.

The WIM for the OS is there, you now have to import the Devices drivers.

It’s recommended to do one folder per device per architecture : Here is an exemple with Dell devices :

MDT drivers structure

So create a folder in Out-of Box Drivers :

MDT folder

Then import drivers to that folder :

MDT import

And then import all drivers for that particular device.

MDT import

If you are using Dell devices, Dell provide one driver package for each supported device (it’s a cab file).

If you don’t have that option then collect all drivers, store them in a folder and give that folder to MDT. - Sommaire Windows Serveur - Sommaire Windows Vista : sommaire