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MDT  configuration


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WDS and MDT are now setup. Time to configure.

  • Deployment share creation

Run the Deployment Workbench.

Right clic on Deployment Share and choose New Deployment Share :

Deployment workbench

Then define a directory for the share. This directory will contain all your environment. For a production server I suggest you create a special disk for that share :



MDT wizzard

Then confirm the share name : the default name is DeploymentShare$, adding a $ to a share name make it not visible for all users.

MDT Wizzard

Then define a description for the share :

MDT config

Uncheck the step of importing (we’ll do it manually after) :

MDT wizzard

Leave the two next questions by default, we can change them later :

MDT wizzard

MDT wizzard

Validate the summary, and after a few seconds of process your deployment environment is done :

MDT wizzard

This is how a deployment share looks :

In MDT workbench :

In explorer

mdt config mdt config

Your environment is empty, we now have to import OS, drivers, applications, packages and make a sequence with all of it.

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